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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “young people in Trinidad and Tobago”? What national platforms exist for the sharing and consideration of youth views and ideas on policy? Having witnessed youth development and engagement programs in the region and around the world, it was evident that more could be done locally to engage young people. Without these avenues being readily established, SOAPBOX was created. Using new media, young people engage on topics that they are not consulted on in

public spaces and at high levels.

In Trinidad and Tobago, youth are often relegated to spheres of sport and entertainment. However, issues of the economy, foreign policy, human rights, law-making etc. are not beyond the grasp of young people, and they are indeed affected by challenges in these areas. Needless to say, youth are not typically consulted on these matters whereas other segments of the society are. What’s more, if youth are not engaged, primed or Prepared for leadership roles in these areas, and we do not know or understand their views on issues that plague our country, then what does the future of our country look like?


Soapbox is a podcast series giving young people a voice and platform to discuss current affairs and issues that matter. The podcasts are primarily audio episodes, with video episodes being used in special circumstances. Podcasts are a great and convenient way to engage young people using new media, which is a significant enabler of publishing and distributing content. All SOAPBOX guests and co-hosts (unless otherwise stated) are youth– (emerging) leaders in their field, passionate about developing our country and region.


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