Season 3 is now rolling!


WE ARE BACK for Season 3! Thank you for staying with us on this podcast journey. This season there is lots to talk about and we get the ball rolling in Episode 1. BIG NEWS as well, our website is live! 

Season 3 Episodes

S3 2-An Introduction to the 2020 Budget (Trinidad and Tobago)


 In this episode we look at the National Budget (2020) in Trinidad and Tobago. We discuss how this country budgets, revised estimates for 2019 and progress on existing government plans. Some of the main elements of the budget presentation are also highlighted.
In part 2 to come, we will do a little more analysis when we consider the estimates for 2020, discuss the response of the opposition and look at some of the proposals from the budget presentation that grabbed headlines. #JoinUs #GetOnYourSOAPBOX 

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Introduction to soapbox


Season 1- Episode 1 Introduction to SOAPBOX


They call us the silent generation... are we really?

In this intro to SOAPBOX, listeners get the story of why and how SOAPBOX was built. Why do a podcast? Where are youth and who are the youth voices? What are their views? What is the status of youth in T&T? Are we adequately prepared for the future? Are we fearful of youth?
Listeners also get a brief introduction to the host, Bruce and what she hopes to achieve by using this platform.

Release date:15 January 2018 

Early Season 1 Episodes


S1 Episode 2:Part 2- Gender Parity T&T and our first female President


In Part 2 of Episode 2 we discuss gender norms, gender in the workplace, we touch on the pay gap and continue our discussion on what the nomination (and subsequent election) of the first female President of Trinidad and Tobago means for gender parity in our country. #SOAPBOX #WhatGetsYouOnYourSoapbox

S1 Episode 3:More media platforms....lower standards?


You've made it to Episode 3! In this episode we look at media, public perception and response to media and the overall standard of news and journalism in Trinidad and Tobago. February 2018 was perhaps the worst month for journalism and reporting in this country, but is this the standard we ought to expect and accept? 

S1 Episode 4: The more you know: The Golding Report on CARICOM


In this 'The More You Know' segment we discuss the Golding Report, formally known as The Report of the Commission to Review Jamaica’s Relations within the CARICOM and CARIFORUM Frameworks. 'The more you know' is an exposition of facts or information solely for the purpose of elucidation or public education and SOAPBOX will take you through the 33 recommendations of the Commission. 

S1 Episode 5: International Women's Day


In this Episode, SOAPBOX commemorates International Women’s Day by sharing 8 wishes for women’s development /gender parity in Trinidad and Tobago! What is your wish for women? How do you #PressForProgress? #GetOnYourSOAPBOX 

S1 Episode 6: Her Excellancy



History was made on Monday 19th March, 2018, with the inauguration of Trinidad and Tobago's first female President, HER Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes. In this five minute feature I go through how it felt to be alive for such a defining moment in our history and the key takeaways from her speech - to be light and see light! 


S1 Episode 7: No Experience needed



Young people in Trinidad and Tobago – even recent graduates are expected to have 5 to 10 years of RELEVANT experience and do several back-flips just to land an entry level or junior position at an organization. Caribbean Airlines, however, had no issue hiring a General Manager of Cargo with no airline industry experience. HOW? In this episode we explore the public’s outrage following the revelation that that employee receives a $71,000 salary and whether or not that outrage is justified. 

S1 Episode 8: Plastics and Doubles: What the country missed



I know we’ve been apart for a little while BUT I’m back with Episode 8 and just two more episodes to go before we end Season 1. While I was out, two things have taken over national attention in a way that is astounding: 1) Massy Stores’ move to charge 50cents per plastic bag and 2) whether or not doubles vendors should be taxed. I wish that these weren’t still news items. In fact they should not have attracted the kind of media circus that they received in the first place and in this episode I’ll tell you why.

Trinidad and Tobago, let us stop being distracted by non-stories or the wrong aspects of the story, let us hold our journalists to account and let us focus on the REAL issues. #GETonyourSOAPBOX and please make you contributions meaningful!

S1 Episode 9



The Season one finale is here! After a long wait, we recap the episodes featured this season! Do something, now. Start something, now. It doesn't have to be perfect, perfection will come in time. In Season two I hope to bring you more views, news and interviews and get youth on their #SOAPBOX

S2 Episode 1: Speak Sing Chant Tell Part 1



SEASON 2 IS HERE! We had to start it off right. Our first episode features spoken word artist Kyle Hernandez, delivering one of my favourite spoken word pieces "Textbooks". We get to chatting on a number of topical issues with Kyle who is no stranger to a SOAPBOX and microphone. 

S2 Episode 2:Speak Sing Chant Tell Part 2


 In Episode 2 we continue our conversation with Kyle Hernandez on youth engagement, using poetry as a tool to connect with various subject matters and what he thinks about poetry platforms; youth platforms and opportunities. #GetOnYourSOAPBOX 

season 2 episodes

S2 Episode8: Sports and the Law- Gender parity, Integrity and a little trivia


 In the final part of this 3-part discussion we ask our guests about gender parity in sport, whether CPL is helping or hindering the development of WI cricket and do some rapid trivia with these sports lovers! We wrap up discussing integrity in sport and final thoughts from our guests.
If you’re now joining us, don’t forget to check out Parts 1 and 2 when we began our discussion with Jason Haynes and Tyrone Marcus, authors of Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law. We started by looking at sports and socio-economic development, we looked at sports governance, national and regional sporting bodies, some of the recent cases and more.
Listen to the podcast here! 

S2 Episode 7: Part2_Sports and the Law- Governance


 In Part 2 of this 3-part discussion we continue by looking at sports legislation, anti-doping and the difference between government involvement and government interference in sporting bodies. We could not do so without discussing the WICB and cricket administration. What is the state of sport in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean? Do sporting bodies need more, or less autonomy? Our guests discuss these questions and touch on some of the human rights abuses in sport.
We continue our discussion with Jason Haynes and Tyrone Marcus, authors of Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law. 

S2 Episode 6 :Part1_Sports and the Law


 Split into 3 parts for ease of listening and bookmarking, in this episode we discuss Sports and the Law. Not only do we discuss the new text ‘Commonwealth Caribbean Sports Law’ with the authors Jason Haynes and Tyrone Marcus, but we also discuss the sporting industry and its development / contribution to Caribbean society and economy.
In Part 1 we talk about their collaboration; their an act of service to the region and professionalization of the industry and improving sporting governance. In the next two parts we’ll throw them some curveballs as they talk about West Indies Cricket, the Thema Williams case, gender parity in sport, Jack Warner, human rights and sport and Anti-doping!
Listen to the podcast here! #GetOnYourSOAPBOX 

S2 Episode 5: In 2019: Try


In 2019, TRY! A try is success in itself! I wish you a bright, prosperous, purpose-filled and action-filled 2019.
To all that made 2018 a great year for SOAPBOX; our guests and listeners alike - THANK YOU!
We hope that you will join us on the journey that 2019 will bring.
#GetOnYourSOAPBOX #Try 

S2 Episode 4: Development Perspectives: Views from Spain


 "The system will always be stronger than the individual...As long as the system remains the same, things will not change".
Aurelio Garcia shares his thoughts on development in Trinidad and Tobago; institutional and policy shifts necessary to bring about that change, and shares some of his experiences working in the public sector here. Chatting with us all the way from Spain, his homeland, Aurelio is an International Trade Specialist who has worked in over 15 countries with international agencies and local governments to enhance trade. He also shares his advice to #YouthinT&T
Did I mention, Aurelio is the one who gave me, Aurelia, the idea to start a podcast in the first place! #GetOnYourSOAPBOX 

S2 Episode 3: What next for the CCJ?


 On Tuesday 6th November, 2018, Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada held a referendum on the islands’ accession to the CCJ as the final court of appeal. Disappointingly, both countries voted to retain the UK-based Privy Council. In this episode, I chat with (future) leaders from around the region: Rosana John (Grenada); and Carlon Knight (Antigua and Barbuda) and we are joined by Rashad Brathwaite (Barbados) and Dalano DaSouza (St. Vincent and the Grenadines). The panel discusses what happened in the islands to result in the “no” vote; why this was the result and where we go from here as a region in relation to the CCJ. In our discussion we tend to the legal, social and political considerations that have brought us to this point and the prospects for accession by other states.